AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The HMPA exists to provide a forum in which any issues affecting this Pond can be discussed.    

It  aims to democratically represent its members’ views and interests to  the City of London Corporation, and to work with this body and their  representatives on any repairs, changes or improvements to the Pond and  its immediate surroundings that may be considered necessary or  desirable.  

It  expects the Corporation and its representatives to consult with it on  any issues that may affect the Pond and its environs, either directly or  indirectly and will endeavour to ensure that such consultation always  takes place.

It  will liaise with the other associations for swimmers on Hampstead Heath  to ensure the best interests of all swimmers are protected.

MANAGEMENT  OF THE ASSOCIATION: At the AGM, members will elect a Chair, Treasurer,  Secretary and up to 9 additional Committee Members who are all regular  users of the Pond. They will remain in office until the next AGM, when  they may be up for re-election against any nominated and seconded  opponents. If re-elected they can serve a maximum of three years.

The  HMPA Committee will liaise as appropriate with the City of London  Corporation, the Hampstead Heath Consultative Committee, the Lifeguards  and any other bodies or individuals that may be involved on all matters  that concern the Association’s members. Members will be encouraged to  refer any requests, comments and complaints regarding the administration  and functioning of the Pond to the Association’s Committee.   

The Committee will vote on any major decisions. Chair has deciding vote in the event of a split vote. 

MEMBERSHIP:  The Association is open to all users of The Men’s Pond, who want to  have their views represented to the HMPA Committee and the City of  London.  

MEMBERSHIP  FEE: The annual fee is £5. Only paid up members are entitled to vote at  the Association’s meetings. Membership will be deemed to have lapsed 12  months after the membership fee has been paid. 

ACCOUNTS:  The Treasurer will keep a record of the Association’s income and  expenditure and produce a statement of this at each AGM

MEETINGS:  The Association will hold an Annual General Meeting in June for HMPA  members, at which the Committee will report on their activities  throughout the year. 

General  Committee meetings will be held twice a year and may be called more  regularly at the discretion of the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer (at  least 14 days’ notice will be given). Between meetings the Committee  will keep in contact with members via email. Members will also be able  to access information on the HMPA website, and they will be encouraged  to keep the Committee informed on their views so they can be fully  represented to the City of London.

MEMBERSHIP  LIST: A list of members with their contact details will be held by the  Secretary. This will not be used for any other purpose than supplying  members with information about the Association’s activities and  informing them of forthcoming meetings.